Personalities of Culture

Welcome to my page. Here you can find a selection of my photography work.

I have a particular interest in portraying musicians and performers, and documenting cultural events of the artistic scene. Each personality is a different photographic challenge, and every installation has it's own set of rules. It's fascinating to meet and portray these artists as they perform their magic and show their true artistic selves, rehearsing or on stage. 

As figures of modern culture, these performers become invisible to others as they walk in the street or go to the coffee shop. However, there's a brilliant side to them that is revealed when they step on the stage. To be able to document and reveal that side to the world as they play their soul to the audience is a true privilege. I am grateful to be invited into their circle, capturing their artistic essence.  

Recent Work and Archive

You can find my latest shoots under the recent work section. Also, you can find some other types of photography, such as street and travel in my archive. To know more about me, check my about page. If my work resonates with you, feel free to send me a message

Above all, enjoy your stay!

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