Born and raised in Cascais, i hold the ocean close to my heart. I conquered my first wave at the age of 5, and never stopped looking for the perfect wave. The ocean inspires me to this day. 

Since childhood, i always connected and experimented with Art. I explored music, painting and photography as a way to express myself and my view of the world around me.

I took the biggest joy when behind the camera, capturing the mundane and sublime alike. 

My Work

I became an Audio Technician back in the 90's. I worked in a national TV channel, but the love for the visuals arts was stronger. So i decided to pursue Design. I then graduated in Industrial Design at IADE in 2005. 

Fast forward in time, i've done Graphic and Industrial design, and Photography work. These past years i mainly worked in the mobile gaming area as a Digital Artist. 

Today, photography remains my strongest passion. It is the medium that better reflects the way i see the world.

My Gear of Choice

Having used a Nikon as my first true camera back in 2009, i later fell in love with Fujifilm and with their X system, and use them to this day.  

Fujifilm has all i need. Their ergonomics are simply perfect. Their files have the best color rendition, gear is compact, and their design is top quality.

It also has a special magic of it's own. Their cameras make you want to go out and capture life in all of it's beauty.

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